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MEDA's Advocacy Program

Part of MEDA's mission is to lead Michigan's economic development though advocacy on economic development.

Providing education and information regarding legislation that impacts economic development helps MEDA's members stay on top of changes to their operations and the tools that they can provide that have a positive outcome for their communities.

Economic developers not only need timely education and information, but ongoing support from the State Legislature, who make decisions on key funding programs that are needed for their work. Recognizing that, MEDA provides information to help facilitate the connection between Michigan's economic developers and their legislators.

Members [will have links to current house, senate, compiled laws pages (all 3 protected), and contact your legislators, why economic development, and capitol day pages (all 3 public pages)]

Legislators [will link to legislatos overview page, which will have links to why economic development, economic development organizations, capitol day, economic development news, helpful links, and contact your legislators pages]

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Michigan Economic
Developers Association
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PH: 517-241-0011

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