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About Legislation

SB 0016 of 2019

This bill would provide for recapturing tax credits for businesses that relocate out of the state. It would require a penalty provision in the written agreement. The total amount of the credit received by the taxpayer would be added back to the tax liability of the taxpayer in the tax year that the taxpayer relocates outside of the state or fails to comply with the agreement.



SB 0235 of 2019

This bill creates an entertainment tax fund within the state treasury to allow for certain entertainment events to exercise tax on their admission charges, which are to be used to fund retirement and benefits for police officers and fire fighters of the qualified municipality in which the event took place.



HB 4077 of 2019

This bill would modify the effective date for a certificate under the circumstance that was approved by the required date of October 31 but not forwarded to a clerk until after that date.

The bill is understood to address the Ferris Wheel Building in Flint, which has been central to the city’s redevelopment projects. The bill would fix a clerical error that currently prevents the building from receiving tax incentives granted by the city in order to incentivize its rehabilitation for commercial purposes.

3/20/2019           transmitted


HB 4091 of 2019

This bill would amend the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ) Act to adjust the eligibility requirements to qualify as a rehabilitated facility. In addition, the bill would expand the reach of the act by removing location requirements to qualify as a homestead facility and low-income requirements (among others) to qualify as a local governmental unit.

The bill would remove criteria related to the location of the structure and define homestead facility as: an existing structure that has as its primary purpose residential housing consisting of one or two units, one of which is occupied by an owner as his or her principal residence.

The bill would define local governmental unit as a city, village or township.

1/24/2019           referred to Committee on Commerce and Tourism


HB 4101 of 2019

This bill would amend section 204 of the Recodified Tax Increment Financing Act (2018 PA 57) that governs DDA boards. It would allow the CEO of a municipality to appoint a designee from the municipality’s governing body to serve on a DDA board in his or her place.



HB 4159 of 2019

This bill would update the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act toincorporate reporting changes requested by the MEDC and DEQ to correct inadvertent errors in a 2016 amendment to the law. 

2/6/2019             referred to Committee on Local Government and Municipal Finance


HB 4189, 4190, and 4191 of 2019

These bills would amend the Income Tax Act, Michigan Business Tax Act (MBT), and the Michigan Economic Growth Authority Act to allow a taxpayer that acquires a business being taxed under the MBT and receiving certificated credits to make a one-time election to be taxed under the MBT and continue to claim the acquired entity’s remaining certificated credits.

Additionally, the package would require that any amendment to an existing MBT certificated credit would need to reduce the term of the credit and/or the amount of the credit.

Finally, once a taxpayer’s certificated MEGA Employment, Brownfield Rehabilitation or Historic Preservation credits have been extinguished, the taxpayer is no longer eligible to pay taxes under the MBT and may not claim any other certificated credits and ensures that the cost of the credit is not expanded by the acquiring company.

2/14/2019           referred to Committee on Tax Policy


HB 4272 of 2019

This bill would require a business receiving a BDP grant to make “good faith efforts” to hire Michigan residents and contract with Michigan-based firms.

Also, to prohibit beneficiaries from discriminating against any contractor “on the basis of its affiliation or non-affiliation” with a union.

2/28/2019           referred to Committee on Commerce and Tourism


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