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Get Hired for a Day Program

Get Hired for MenteesMEDA's Emerging Leaders Network is seeking Mentors and Mentees for the Get Hired for a Day Program. The program allows Mentors to select or “hire” an emerging leader for a day, with a pairing based on shared interests.

Through the program, emerging leaders with an active interest in a career in economic development will have the opportunity to spend time with a Mentor, learning about economic development in Michigan. Early-career economic developers can explore other areas within the field to gain a better understanding of how to create successful partnerships with them. The goal of this volunteer program is to be mutually beneficial for both parties and to foster long-term relationships.

Why Participate?

Benefits of participating for the Mentor:

  • Renews enthusiasm for the economic development profession
  • Obtain a greater understanding of the different challenges and barriers experienced with emerging leaders entering the economic development profession
  • Enhances skills in coaching, counseling, listening, and leadership
  • Demonstrates expertise and shares knowledge of the core economic development competencies
  • Helps identify and correct generational issues
  • Because it is our duty to help the next generational workforce!  

Benefits of participating for the Mentee:

  • Gain career development opportunities
  • Help with the transition to a full-time career
  • Opportunity to share new and different perspectives
  • Be inspired to pursue a career in economic development
  • Get a better understanding of what additional knowledge, skills or training is needed to pursue a career in economic development

You Get a Coupon!

Because it is important to further introduce emerging leaders to the profession and reward Mentors for their time, all Mentor and Mentee participants will get a coupon to attend one of our day programs - Capitol Day, either Toolbox or the Emerging Leaders Spring Program. The coupon can also be used for a discount off of the Annual Meeting or the Economic Development Basic Course.

Who Can Participate

Anyone with an active interest in an economic development career can participate. Typical candidates include - but are not limited to - college students or those in the early stages of their career in economic development that want a better feel for work in other areas of the industry.


This program is open all year. The schedules below are approximate. If no jobs are posted at the time that you submit your resume, we will send a "Call for Mentors."

Fall Schedule

  • September: MEDA will collect one-day job postings from Mentors.
  • September - October: Mentees can apply for the available positions.
  • October: The Emerging Leaders Committee will match Mentors and Mentees.
  • October - December: The one-day “hiring” will take place. Some quick reporting is requested following completion.

Spring Schedule

  • January: MEDA will collect one-day job postings from Mentors.
  • January - March: Mentees can apply for the available positions.
  • April: The Emerging Leaders Committee will match Mentors and Mentees.
  • April - June: The one-day “hiring” will take place. Some quick reporting is requested following completion.

Sign Up

Mentors, Submit a Job

Mentees, Apply for a Job

Mentors, Submit a Job

Get Hired MentorsThere are emerging leaders that are eager to learn from you! Help build a future leader by walking them through a day in the life of an economic developer so they can gain the knowledge and insight that are needed for success in the field.

What to Know First

  • There must be direct interaction with Mentees. Sitting behind a desk processing paperwork is not an acceptable Get Hired for the Day program activity.
  • The program must facilitate a mutually fulfilling relationship between the Mentees and the Mentors wherein both parties serve as beneficiary and contributor.
  • Act as an advocate for promoting and recruiting other professionals.

How to Submit a Job

  • Email MEDA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a description of the one-day job.
  • Once MEDA receives your job posting, we will send a confirmation with some helpful instructions.

View a One-Day Job Posting Example

After You Submit a Job

The Emerging Leaders Committee will supply information about your candidate via email so that you can contact them.

Mentees, Apply for a Job

Get Hired for MenteesThe Get Hired for a Day program will provide you with the opportunity to learn from a leader in the economic development industry via one-on-one interaction. This experience will be educational and give you feel for the day in the life of a practitioner. For early-career professionals and students, it's a definite resume booster!

Available Jobs

The one-day jobs are posted here. All jobs are within the organization's economic development departments.

City of Auburn Hills

City of Southfield

If there are no jobs posted and you want to participate, or the jobs posted are out of your area, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll do a "Call for Mentors."

Before You Apply

  • Review Chapter 1 of MEDA's Economic Development Methods and Strategies book "Economic Development Today." This will help to clarify the basics of an economic development role.
  • Conduct a self analysis: analyze your interests, key strengths, skills and weaknesses.
  • Prepare/update your resume and cover letter, double-checking for misspelled words or grammar errors.
  • Review and research the employers.

How to Apply

Email MEDA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following:

  1. Major and Minor (if in college).
  2. Resume with the best email and phone number to contact you.
  3. Cover letter if the jobs you are interested in require them.
  4. List top three jobs that you are interested in.

After You Apply

  • Once MEDA receives your email, we will send a confirmation with some helpful instructions.
  • Prepare for the phone or on-site interview. Have potential "hire" dates to suggest for the employer.
  • Review helpful articles, such as 7 Tips for Job Shadowing.

MEDA Scholarship Program Guidelines


The Michigan Economic Developers Association (MEDA) Scholarship Program is designed to help MEDA members with limited resources continue to develop their professional skills in the area of economic development. Scholarships will be provided for members to attend educational and training programs that they would not otherwise be able to attend due to financial restrictions.

Click here for a printable scholarship application.

Click here for an online scholarship application.

Who is Eligible
Scholarships are available to any MEDA member, both active and associate, in good standing.

Types of Training
Scholarships will be provided for education/training specifically in the area of economic development (training outside of economic development will not be accepted). Priority will be given to MEDA training. Requests made for training outside of MEDA will only be accepted if MEDA does not offer the same type of training.

Size of Scholarship Awards
A maximum of $750 per person per fiscal year will be awarded. A limit of one scholarship per person will be available. Total amount of scholarship funds available in any given year will be $1,500.

Matching Requirements
A match from the scholarship recipient is required for all scholarships. MEDA will provide 75% of the program costs for MEDA training. A 50% match will be provided for training offered by organizations other than MEDA.

Volunteer Requirement
Scholarships are only provided to individuals who have completed at least one year of active participation on a MEDA committee or taskforce. If the applicant is a new member of MEDA (1 year or less) and has not already joined a committee or taskforce, they should indicate their volunteer preference and serve on the committee or taskforce for at least a year. Participation must be on MEDA committees/taskforces. Other economic development-related organizations will not count.

Program Costs
MEDA scholarships will be available for program (registration) costs only. Scholarships will not cover travel, hotel, meals or other miscellaneous expenses of attending a program.

Supporting Documentation
You must include with your application any information regarding any program that is not a MEDA program. This includes registration information, agendas, program books, or any other supporting documentation discussing program content.

How Scholarships are Awarded
A point system will be used to make awards based on organizational size, number of years within economic development, and participation in the governance of MEDA (serving on MEDA Board, committees, or task forces). Applications with the highest number of points will receive priority. Also taken into consideration will be how long applicants have been a member of MEDA and how the training will professionally benefit the recipient.

Application Due Dates
Applications are due the last day of the month proceeding the MEDA Board meetings.

Scholarship Approval
The Review Board at the bimonthly MEDA Board meeting will approve scholarships. All decisions by the Review Board are final.

MEDA Scholarship recipients will submit a document after the program telling the MEDA Board of Directors how attending the program was valuable towards their career in economic development.

Note: Scholarships will not be approved retroactively for programs already attended.

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