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MEDA has partnered with economic developers to grow their communities in Michigan for over 58 years. Being a member of MEDA, you will benefit from:

  • Education – MEDA programs are consistently high quality and designed to meet the needs of our members.
  • Networking – An unmatched peer group comprised of some of the finest economic development practitioners in the nation.
  • Economics – You save over $250 annually by attending MEDA programs at the member rate.

Activities, Programs, and Services

MEDA members are provided programs and services that enhance the economic development education, networking, and advocacy activities that are essential to their careers.

Membership Profile

MEDA membership consists of professionals from the following areas of economic development throughout the entire State of Michigan:

  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Business Finance
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Community Development
  • Consulting
  • Downtown Development
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Higher Education
  • Municipalities
  • Planning
  • Private and Public Economic Development Organizations
  • Real Estate Development
  • State Agencies
  • Utilities and infrastructure
  • Workforce Development
  • Others interested in economic development

Membership Types and Fees

Active Member $295

Any person actively engaged in economic development as a primary (more than 50% of work time) responsibility or assignment within an organization, firm, corporation, or legal entity. Active members have all privileges of membership, including voting rights, eligibility to serve as Board, Committee and Task Force Members.

Associate Member $295

Any person who has an active interest in economic development. Associate members have all the privileges of membership except to serve as an Officer or Board Member of the Association.

Student Member $55

(Membership fees must be paid before membership is processed) Any person enrolled within a Michigan higher educational institution and not employed on a full-time basis by a firm, corporation, organization, or other legal entity. Student members have all the privileges of membership except voting, holding office as a Board Member, or participating as a Committee or Task Force Chairman.

Important Notes About MEDA Membership

  • Memberships operate on a 12-month cycle, i.e. If you join in March, your membership is due every March. We invoice via mail approximately six weeks before it is due and have various payment options.
  • MEDA membership is individual and not organizational. Benefits apply only to individuals who have applied for membership.
  • MEDA memberships are owned by the entity or person that pays for them. If a member leaves their position, the entity that pays for it can transfer it to another staff person. The member that left is welcome to apply for a new membership at their new company.

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MEDA Membership Services and Programs


17 ED Course Group Photo 1MEDA provides education that covers a variety of areas specific to economic development. Members receive a reduced rate for attendance to all of the programs.

Education, Training, and Networking Opportunities
MEDA's regular offerings include our Annual Meeting, Capitol Day, Emerging Leaders Spring Program, Economic Development Basic Course, Economic Development Methods and Strategies Book, and the Spring and Fall Economic Development Toolbox programs. As needed, we hold regional programs, national certification courses, and webinars. See upcoming events for more information.

Economic Development Basic Course
The Economic Development Basic Course focuses on the core areas of economic development and is the first requirement to become a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD). This nationally-recognized certification, from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), denotes a mastery of principal skill in economic development, professional accomplishment and a commitment to personal and professional growth. Aside from certification, the course is beneficial to those with less than five years of experience, or to those looking to tie up loose ends in their economic development knowledge.

Membership Newsletter
This newsletter provides legislative action updates, information on State agency programs, job openings, and other news that affects the economic development community. Members are also the first to be notified about education, training and networking opportunities.

Website Privileges
MEDA Members receive a password for access to the "Member Exclusives" area of this website. Here, they can search the Membership Directory, view job postings, keep up-to-date on economic development related legislation and download economic development research reports and studies.

Membership Meetings
To keep members informed on what's happening and to give members a voice in the Association, MEDA has membership meetings in conjunction with our educational programs. Members are updated on Association finances, committee activities, and are introduced to new members.

Membership Survey
The bi-annual Membership Survey provides information on economic development salaries, staff insurance plans, organizational budgets, project profiles and other useful information for economic developers in Michigan.

Public Relations
Through on-going efforts, MEDA is increasing awareness of the role members play in economic development in the state. A Public Relations Kit is available on the Research and Information page of our website for members to aid them in working with the media.


Picture1MEDA provides a unique opportunity to network on a regular basis with peers and experts in the field of economic development. At our Education, Training, and Networking offerings, there are many opportunities to share insight into economic development with old friends and new acquaintances.

Committee and Taskforce Participation
Volunteering on a committee or task force is not only rewarding, good for the resume, and a powerful networking method, it is also a requirement for receiving scholarships and increases a members' chances of being on the Board of Directors. MEDA has active committees and forms taskforces that address issues, provide services, expand knowledge, and create opportunities for relationship-building for our members.

Get Hired for a Day
Learning from experienced economic developers is crucial for emerging leaders. That is why MEDA's Emerging Leaders Committee developed this free, volunteer program, that pairs students and early-career economic developers with experienced leaders.

Help a Fellow MEDA Member
Using our mass mailing system, members can request help from other economic developers on various topics and receive instant responses. Business attraction plans, facade financing, and commercial rehabilitation are just some of the topics that your fellow MEDA members will be able to give you direction, guidance, application examples, and advice - and there is no extra fee for this service!

Job Postings
Around 50 economic development position openings are advertised through MEDA every year. Job posting updates can be found in either our weekly newsletter or in the "Member Exclusives" area of the MEDA website.

Social Media
Available for anyone interested in economic development in Michigan, MEDA has Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Wordpress pages where we provide the latest-breaking economic development news. These sites are also a great place for members to discuss and share ideas with each other.

State Agency Networking
Through our membership programs, Capitol Day, Annual Meeting and other conferences, you will be able to speak with a variety of State agency staff to get up-to-the-minute information and feedback on State programs.


Michigan CapitolOn an on-going basis, MEDA keeps its members aware of the latest status of key legislative initiatives impacting economic development.

Advocacy Committee
MEDA’s Advocacy Committee is working to raise MEDA’s profile among the Michigan Legislature to become a resource for them as they develop laws related to economic development. MEDA Members can join the Committee, respond to surveys, participate in focus groups, volunteer to meet with their local legislators on matters important to MEDA and much more.

Capital Day
This conference, typically held in February, includes sessions on the latest legislative issues related to economic development as well as State and Federal agency updates on economic development initiatives and laws. Capitol Day attendees are encouraged to invite their legislators and legislative staff to discuss issues specific to their community or region.

Legislative Updates
Delivered directly to their email in the weekly MEDA Membership Newsletter, legislative updates help members stay on top of economic development-related legislation. MEDA membership programs provide updates on what is happening at the State Capitol. Legislation can also be found under the “Members Exclusives” area of the MEDA website. If members can’t find bills that you are looking for, they can simply contact the MEDA staff.

Other Programs and Services

Certified Business Park (CBP) Program
MEDA knows that location and quality of investment is an important aspect of successful economic development and business growth. To help see that quality space is available for companies looking to locate in Michigan business parks, MEDA administers the Certified Business Park program on behalf of the State. The CBP program recognizes outstanding business parks in Michigan! Qualifying parks receive many benefits.

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